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            Former Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa and Assemblywoman Dawn Gibbons, Co-Chairs for the Nevada Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force, along with all of the members of the Task Force would like to announce the new organ donor registry for Nevada.  Statline was chosen from a field of four vendors who had submitted proposals in a state RFP (Request for Proposal) process to become Nevada’s organ donor registry.

            Statline was chosen for their highly specialized communications expertise to implement and maintain the state organ and tissue donor registry. Their mission is one of helping save and enhance recipients’ lives by forming seamless communication partnerships with the donation and transplant community.  Statline, based in Denver, Colorado, has provided this highly specialized expertise to organ and tissue procurement organizations and hospitals that they serve since 1997.  Currently, Statline serves the states of Minnesota, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington and Montana.  There are also several other states that are in their final stages of development.

            Statline’s service mirrors some of the objectives outlined in the Office of Inspector General’s publication on Organ Donor Registries, dated February 2002:

            “Registries have led to increased effectiveness and efficiency in OPO (Organ Procurement Organizations) operations.  In both their survey and in interviews, OPO directors said the registry improves their ability to identify a decedent’s wishes about donation.”  “OPOs have also used data from the registry to focus public education and outreach about donation.”          

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            In the United States there are more than 84,000 people awaiting a life-saving organ transplant.  On an average day, 17 people will die waiting because of the scarcity of organ donors.

            The founding chairs and champions of the Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force, Del Papa and Gibbons, along with the many partners and members of the state-wide Task Force, sponsored AB 497, the bill which became law during the 2001 Legislature, charging the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, under the direction of Consumer Advocate Timothy Hay, with the maintenance of an accurate list of individuals who have pledged to be organ donors in Nevada.

            Statline serves as a critical communication link that screens donors, triages referrals, secures consent, conducts medical/social histories, and provides detailed reporting to their clients.  They currently serve well over 100 procurement organizations in the U.S. and Canada. 

            “It is critical that each of us individually and collectively do all that we can to encourage Nevadans to register to be organ donors.  The need is so great and our resources are limited.  Statline offers a lot of pluses,” stated Co-Chair Frankie Sue Del Papa.

            “This service will be a great asset to Nevada, offering us expert services in keeping accurate records of organ donors.  We are fortunate to have an organization like Statline working with Nevada. Together we can make a difference,” said Co-Chair Dawn Gibbons.

            For further information regarding Statline and the services they provide, contact Karen Bauer, Director of Business Development at Statline at

(888) 881-7828 ext. 2917.      







1000 E. William Street, Suite 200, Carson City, NV  89701

Phone:  (775) 687-6300 ext. 233

Fax:  (775) 687-6304




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