Giving the Gift of Life: Organ & Tissue Donation Task Force finds home at the School of Medicine

Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force finds home at the School of Medicine

June 2006
Spotlight on University of Nevada, Reno

    More than 90,000 people nationwide are currently waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.  According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, every 14 minutes a new name is added to that waiting list and every day 12 people in the United States die because they failed to receive a transplant in time.

    While the need for organ and tissue donation continues to grow, the number of donors, sadly, has not.  To help increase the number of donors within Nevada, the 2001 state legislature passed Assembly Bill 234 which created Nevada’s Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force, administered by the Attorney General’s office.  However, in January the task force found a new home within the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

    Under the leadership of Dr. Trudy Larson, the University’s School of Medicine now works with task force members to aggressively promote the importance of organ and tissue donation.  Aside from its aim to promote an awareness campaign through the media and educational outlets, the task force also works with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to promote organ donor awareness through reader boards and hand-outs as well as the sell of organ donor license plates.

    “One donor can help the lives of 100 people through organ and tissue donations,” said Larson.  “While some of these donations, obviously, are made by someone who has passed away, others can be made by those who are living.  You really do have the power to give the gift of life.”

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