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February 26, 2004                                                        (775) 687-6300 



            Following the passage of Assembly Bill 497 during the 2001 Legislative Session, the Organ & Tissue Donation Task Force was created.  The Task Force is comprised of members from the transplant community, organ and tissue procurement agencies, health organizations, Nevada Legislature, DMV and the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, which provides administrative support through Consumer Advocate, Timothy Hay.  Hay said, “One of the main goals of the Task Force is to better educate and inform the public about the vital need for additional organ and tissue donors and the new website will well serve that purpose.” 

            Governor Guinn said, “This Task Force serves an important role for the many Nevadans in need of an organ or tissue transplant.  I applaud their many accomplishments in increasing the awareness of this critical lifesaving service.” 

            “We live in the age of the Internet so this website is an important way to exchange information about the importance of donating life and also donating 

resources to help spread that message,” said Frankie Sue Del Papa, former Nevada Attorney General and Co-Chair of the Organ Donor Statewide Task Force. 

            Gibbons said, “The more we can get the message out to the general public about the vital importance of organ and tissue donation, the more we will be able to benefit people here in Nevada and throughout the nation who are in desperate need of a transplant.” 

            There are more than 85,000 people in the United States who are in need of a lifesaving organ transplant.  More than 6,100 people will die this year alone waiting for a suitable donor.  Eleven transplant candidates die every day waiting for their second chance at life.     

                        Please visit this website and pass along the web address to others who are interested in this very worthwhile cause. 

1000 E. William Street, Suite 200, Carson City, NV  89701  

Phone:  (775) 687-6300 ext. 233  

Fax:  (775) 687-6304  


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Carson City — The Nevada Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force is proud to announce the creation of its newest tool to increase organ donor awareness – a beautifully designed website:  Co-Chairs Frankie Sue Del Papa and Assemblywoman Dawn Gibbons are encouraging Nevada citizens to visit the website which contains information about making donations; purchasing the organ donor license plate; most frequently asked questions on organ donation, as well as providing links to other helpful websites. 

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