Confirmed anchor organization for the Task Force

Drafted a mission statement

Conducted initial Task Force planning meeting in the North and South

Solicited co-sponsoring organizations

Drafted an Action Plan

Created a brochure for dissemination at DMV and distribution to public

Ordered Spanish version of organ donor brochure, personalized with task force contact information

Ordered African-American version of organ donor brochure, personalized with task force contact information

Created a multi-use, generic article that can be sent to various organizations throughout the state

Continue to work with the Nevada Broadcasters Association for the taping and airing of a specially designed Public Service Announcements in regards to organ and tissue donation

Developed a DMV donor awareness educational series for employees and continues to work with DMV on training their new employees

DMV has all procedures in place to implement AB 497

DMV has established protocols and procedures  to work with Nevada’s  contracted organ donor registry.

DMV has established protocols with the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection regarding transfer of funds received from donations and the sale of the organ donor license plates. 

Organ Donor license plate has been created and is available to the public with close to 1,000 of these plates already sold

Information on organ donation has been disseminated to many health-related boards and commissions and other members of the health community and ongoing efforts will continue

Speaker’s Bureau Training Manual has been created and printed for distribution to service organizations, attorneys, churches and others who want to be involved in this educational program.

The Task Force has developed a budget to accomplish our goals efficiently and effectively for funding the printing of brochures and other educational materials.

The Task Force conducted a Special Summit on Organ Donor Registry Issues to discuss the future of the organ donation registry system for Nevada.

The Task Force coordinates with the Nevada DMV and the State Mailroom on a project that allows flyers, created by the Task Force, containing information about organ and tissue donation and the organ donor license plates to accompany the vehicle registration renewal notices that are sent out to thousands of Nevadans every month.

Coordinated a billboard campaign displaying Emily and Chelsey Cornwall, twin sisters who both had heart transplants, along with the organ donor license plate, displayed in downtown Reno for the month of February.  Subsequently, The Transplant Network and Sierra Eye & Tissue Donor Services have both contracted with Sierra Displays to have the same billboard, along with several smaller versions, to be placed all over Reno.

A smaller version of the billboard set up as a poster will be placed in most of the northern Nevada car dealerships as an organ donor awareness campaign.

Green awareness bands with the words “Donate Life” on one side and “Done Vida” on the other have been purchased and are being distributed as another organ donor awareness campaign

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