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Laurie Iba at a health fair

A Special Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to all …..

I know this is one of those letters … But I had to share this story and our miracle to so many of you, so thought this would be easier … I know you will understand because the news is so wonderful.

On Memorial Day weekend, May 30, Debbie finally received the ultimate gift … the gift of life … a donated liver!

After seven years of living with the constant threat of losing her, the last year being the worst … with her increasing symptoms and slowly watching her body shutting down and her spirit running out … we were all blessed by this most unselfish gift!!  Debbie waited on the list for over two years.  It was like a party when she called everyone to say they had a liver for her … we were screaming and crying and jumping for joy at the same time!

Her surgery went so smoothly, the entire medical team was raving how well her case was … The donor liver was a perfect fit, no complications, and record time.  She spent 24 hours in ICU, then five more days on the post transplant floor.  Her symptoms improved day by day.  She even took a shower on the second day post-op!

After she was discharged from the hospital, we stayed in a small apartment across from the hospital for four more weeks.  She had clinic visits, blood draws, group therapy, and about 40 pills a day to swallow!!  Deb was so strong and worked hard on her recovery.  Our time together will be etched in our minds forever.  I was so touched by the outpouring of love, support, and kind words from friends and family.  We shared some good meals, long walks, and lots of tears reflecting on this life that is so precious.

I am thankful to everyone for your prayers and support for all of us.  My heart goes out to the donor family at this holiday time.  I can not imagine the depth of their sorrow on the loss of their most precious loved one.  I pray they will find comfort in knowing the many lives they saved, the families they have spared from loss, and that their angel will live on forever in the hearts and souls of all of us.

(I send) My love and wishes for a truly special holiday!  May this new millennium bring health and happiness!! Spend each day as it is … a gift!

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