November 22, 2005 is National “Give Thanks, Give Life” Day

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Nevadans Encouraged to talk to their families about organ and tissue donation


            Carson City – Frankie Sue Del Papa and Dawn Gibbons, Co-Chairs for Nevada’s Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force, are encouraging Nevadans to spend a few minutes on National “Give Thanks, Give Life” Day, November 25th, to discuss organ and tissue donation.

            “National ‘Give Thanks, Give Life’ Day is a perfect opportunity for someone to discuss his or her wishes about becoming an organ and tissue donor,” Del Papa said.  “It’s important to let your family know your desire so they can carry out your wishes.  The decision someone makes today to become an organ donor will help save lives tomorrow.”

            Gibbons said, “I would encourage everyone to take a few minutes out of the holiday to discuss this important issue.  Each person who makes the decision to be an organ and tissue donor can make a positive effect on the lives of others through their thoughtful act of kindness.”

            Assembly Bill 497, sponsored by Gibbons and passed by the 2001 Legislature, created a funding mechanism that is being used by the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection to produce and disseminate educational materials about the critical need for more organ and tissue donors, along with empowering the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to periodically send a list of Nevada citizens who have volunteered to be donors to Nevada’s organ donor registry, Statline.

            More than 90,000 people in the United States are in need of a lifesaving organ transplant; more than 6,000 will die this year alone waiting for suitable

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donors.  Currently in Nevada there are 1.6 million licensed drivers and some

727,000 are listed as organ donors.  Right now there are 300 Nevadans on the waiting list for an organ donation.

            The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles currently asks people getting or renewing a driver’s license if they want to donate their organs at the time of their death.  When they agree, a little red heart and the words “ORGAN DONOR” will appear on the person’s license. It is also possible to make a voluntary contribution at any of Nevada’s DMV offices.  This money is used to purchase educational material on organ and tissue donation.

            The Nevada Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force, Co-Chaired by Del Papa and Gibbons, is comprised of members from the transplant community, organ and tissue procurement agencies, health organizations, Nevada Legislature, DMV, and the Attorney General’s Office.  Its campaign slogan is “The Gift of Life! Pass It On.”   The mission of the Task Force is to better educate the public about the tremendous need for organ and tissue donors.

            One of the Task Force’s biggest accomplishments is the organ donor license plate available now at all DMV offices.  Nevada Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert, a member of the Nevada Organ & Tissue Donor Task Force, said, “These specially designed license plates will help achieve the goal of alerting more Nevada citizens to the overwhelming need for additional organ and tissue donors.  I would encourage all Nevadans to consider ordering one of these specially designed plates.”

            To obtain a copy of the Nevada Organ and Tissue Donor Task Force Action Plan or “The Gift of Life! Pass It On,” brochure, please go to  This website also contains more information as well as reference numbers for anyone who may have questions on organ and tissue donation.  The brochure also contains an application for Nevada’s organ donor registry that can be completed and sent in.  Other helpful web sites that have information are:; or








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