Media/Public Outreach



  • Organ and Tissue Donation Action Plan (Spanish version, too) will be continually updated, with latest version available to media.
  • Brochure (in English and Spanish) has been developed and is currently in use by DMV, at health fairs, at speaking engagements, and through partner organizations to spread the word.
  • Generic article highlighting AB 497 and organ donation has been sent to various groups, organizations and media outlets.
  • Editorial article has been sent to all newspaper outlets.
  • PBS television stations have been contacted in the north and south to develop possible programming relating to organ and tissue donation.
  • Hispanic media and organizations have been enlisted for their support.
  • Various radio stations that air talk shows have been contacted for various organ donor events.
  • Nevada Broadcaster’s Association has been contacted regarding airing of Public Service Announcements across the state. · Contact Cox Cable in Las Vegas and AT&T in Reno regarding taping and airing of Public Service Announcements.
  • Website for Task Force has been set up with appropriate links to other local and national groups.
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