Donor Awareness Poster Event

Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Poster Event

Several Northern Nevada high schools joined The Transplant Network to participate in the Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness Poster Event.  All of the 91 posters submitted were outstanding!  We would like to sincerely thank all of the students who displayed such depth, understanding and talent!  

Organ and tissue transplantation is a medical miracle that occurs every day. It has become a routine procedure that saves the lives of those in vital organ failure.  It also dramatically improves the lives of people suffering from bone defects, burns and blindness, among other conditions.  When you become an organ and tissue donor, you give the gift of life.  Your precious donation facilitates the miracle that gives someone a whole new life.

Unfortunately, not enough people are making this life-giving choice.  In the United States this year, more than 85,000 children and adults are on the national waiting list for life saving organs.  Many more are waiting for tissue donations.  All are eager for a chance to live normal, healthy lives again.  We feel education is the key to increasing organ and tissue donation.  Visual art is a powerful means of communicating and educating.

April has been designated as National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Month.  By participating in this poster event, you will help educate the community while having an opportunity to display your artwork at several local venues. 

Posters should be submitted no later than March 29, 2004 to the Sierra Eye & Tissue Donor Services Office located at 1130 Ryland Street, across the street from Washoe Medical Center.  


  • Artwork must be in any medium which is reproducible.
  • Must display the slogan:  “Be an Organ and Tissue Donor”.
  • Visual concept must support the words.
  • Must promote a positive concept about organ and tissue donation.
  • Artwork must be 18” x 24” or 11”x17”.
  • Piece must be matted and display ready.
  • Printed on the back of each piece:

                        Student’s name, age, grade

                        Teacher’s name

                        School name, address, phone number

– Any piece not following the guidelines will be disqualified.

– Each student will receive a certificate of participation.

– Students will receive information on where artwork will be displayed.

Thank you for your time and talent!

Sponsored by:

The Transplant Network,
Nevada Organ & Tissue Donor Task Force
and Sierra Eye and Tissue Donor Services

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